Receive payments from digital wallets all over the world

Quick and safe payments

Receive payments from international wallets in seconds, with immediate notification of the payment and in a completely safe way.

Starpay simplifies in person and online payments without the need for you to connect to each of the wallets coming out on the market. We do it for you, so that you can devote yourself to your business while we open the door to digital payments.

In your own currency

Don’t worry about the exchange rate. Your client will see the prices on the app in both euros and their currency, with the best exchange rate available at the moment.

Your client will pay using their currency and you will receive the payment in your account in Euros, without doing anything, it’s that easy.

For many international users, especially those from Asian countries, paying in cash or through other means of payment, not commonly used in the West is a concern. Starpay breaks these barriers and makes them feel at home, allowing them to consume in a safe and familiar environment.

Cutting-edge technology

Whether your business needs the latest technology available in the world of payments or you simply want to simplify the payment process for your clients, Starpay has the solution for you: Pay by link, payments from social media, payments on shop-streaming, integration with the most common shopping carts, integration with your own systems, payment via QR code, payment with credit card terminal; whatever you need, we have it and if we don’t, contact us and we will do it for you.

Our mission is to make it easy for you to receive payments from anywhere in the world, thus we are in a constant process of innovation, adding payment methods and new solutions.

Alipay, China

1 billion users

The world’s largest marketplace’s payment method. Alipay invented payments via offline QR code and is, as of today, the world’s largest platform in terms of these types of payments, both online and offline.

Their parent company, Ant Financial, is probably the largest innovator in payment methods and added financial services.

Alipay is not only a means of payment, it has pages per city, an advanced coupon system for businesses, integrated miniprograms, games and so many more functions that it has become a superplatform for indispensable services for anything one could want to do related to Asia.

WeChat Pay, China

900 million users

It is the partner of the second largest messaging app in the world, Wechat, property of Tencent, one of Asia’s technology giantss.

WeChat allows the use of miniprogramas from the platform, making registrations and payments completely transparent and smooth,  speeding up the transactions.

Through Wechat you can order a taxi, even order food or pay the electricity or water bills. It is, together with Alipay, the Chinese’s preferred means of payment, even when traveling and purchasing online.

Kakao Pay, South Korea

34 million users

Based on the largest messaging app in South Korea, Kakao Pay is the principal payment method in the country, with 34 millones active users in a country with barely 52 millones residents.

Apart from payments between phones, it allows payments via NFC and QR codes.

Kakao Pay is number 1 in the domestic mobile payment market.

PayPay, Japan

30 milliones users

PayPay is the number 1 payment system in Japan with 14 milliones MAU.

The app is all in one, you can order and pay for a Uber without leaving the app or choose from a restaurant’s menu and pay directly from the app. They are even starting to pay salaries directly into the app’s wallet. With these functions, PayPay has become Japan’s Alipay, an app that has everything the average user could need in a day.

Paypay is highly valued by Japanese users thanks to their aggressive gift campaigns in which they have given their users up to 10 trillion yens in 10 days for their purchases.

Opperating in 28 countries

Easy Payment’ passport as a European Payment Institution, allows Starpay to operate in 28 European countries as stated in the European Banking Authority Registry. In the UK, Starpay’s services are offered through a partner registered in the UK.






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